Share-posium: Jan Jacob Stam, 25 years of systemic work

Language English, simultaneous translation into Spanish
This two-day online event covers a huge number of insights, developments and understandings Jan Jacob gained from being one of the first fulltime pioneers, after Bert Hellinger of course, in the field of Systemic Work.
Always taken by the evolutionary force, the idea of this ‘share-posium ‘ grabbed him. After having worked in over 30 different countries, written 7 books, designed more than 10 different training programs and countless workshops, ánd organized 11 congresses, this one is the final events organized by him. It’s a recap of these 25 years, with of a lot of fundamentals.
Jan Jacob is convinced that knowledge wants to be shared, multiplied and applied. So let yourself be fully nourished and filled during the 9 workshops, each of 1,5 hours, that Jan Jacob will conduct.
You can attend all workshops, and if you’re nor able to, no worries: all workshops will be recorded and are available until May, 1.
After this last two-day session of workshops he won’t be organizing, nor offering any programs anymore. Nevertheless, he will stay available. For new adventures……. taken by the wind and the evolutionary force.
We really look forward to meeting you there!


Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2, 2023
Saturday April 1: Opening by Jan Jacob 8.45AM (CET). Workshops from 9.00AM (CET) until 19.30PM (CET)
Sunday April 2: workshops from 9.00AM (CET) until 17.30 (PM, CET). Closure 17.30 – 17.45(CET)

Cost of participation

Only € 180,- for the whole congress of 2 days, including all workshops and recordings available until May 1.
No worries if you can’t join: workshops will be recorded and are available for participants until May 1.


The language will be English and all workshops will be translated simultaneously into Spanish during the workshop.

For whom?

For everybody who is interested in systemic work, in fact, for everyone. Although we have a systemic point of view, you can also attend without too much knowledge of systemic work. Just explore and experience!
Topics (disclaimer: This program is due to changes 😉
1. Principles of order in organizations.
Jan Jacob started to apply constellations in organizations very early and was forced to face how family systems are different from organizational systems. Systemic work also needed a translation into organizational language.
2. Constellations
We still don’t know what constellations are, nor how they work. Over time he developed 25 different types of organizational constellation. For a big part the mini constellations of which Ihe applied maybe fifty different forms, were developed while working. The integration of our curriculum was an interesting process: ‘it’s never too late to have an integrated curriculum.’ In general, he will cover developments in mainly organizational constellations. Ánd a deeper understanding of what the working substances of constellations are.
3. Trauma in Organizations.
A lot was known about personal trauma, very little on organizational trauma. So, he set off for a quest lasting two or three years to understand this phenomenon better ánd what we can do to overcome and prevent organizational trauma. This topic of trauma has also developed over the years, became lighter and better to handle.
4. Transformation
Unraveling the container of ‘change’, we come to a deeper understanding of what a system needs. Development; change; transition; reset; transformation. In a very early stage, Jan Jacob developed a notion of the stage or phase of a client or client system and what was ‘needed’ there. The quest of what transformation really means also took him a couple of years and now has evolved in the program ‘Movements of Transformation’
5. Interview; Q&A
Maaike van der Heiden will interview Jan Jacob. In this workshop there’s also space for Q&A from participants. Most likely his relationship with Bert Hellinger and other early constellators will be part of this conversations. Including all the mistakes he made, the tensions and fights in the field of systemic work. A little bit: ‘behind the scenes.’
6. Interventions
Core part of systemic work are interventions. What are they actually? In this workshop he will cover a bit the history of systemic interventions. A breakthrough for him was the differentiation in 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd order interventions. What is our source for interventions? What comes through the left brain, the right brain, the field…… The art of interventions will stay a mystery. Ánd is worth it to understand better. Last couple of years he also works often with what he calls: ‘Direct working with the pattern,’ where we are beyond the distinction of family-, organizational- or societal issues and constellations.
7. TeamConnect
This workshop is about the TeamConnect surveys and other tools. In the beginning constellations were kind of ‘holy’. Unthinkable to cut them into pieces (what was something he did in the trainings) or to make products or tools out of it. It was Anton de Kroon who, with two colleagues, took the first initiative. To awaken systemic awareness and to increase systemic based interventions, we don’t need constellations. To separate constellations from systemic principles was a political act, on which tools like the TeamConnect surveys are based. In this workshop all participants can complete a systemic survey in order to experience what systemic awakening might bring.
8. Societal Issues
These are one of the scariest forms of constellations. Beyond Jan Jacob’s resistance to this topic also here he was sent on a quest to explore constellations on societal issues. Pfiew! How to prevent grandiosity. How to prevent to create illusions. How to prevent that patterns get more rigid by using constellations……many challenges! So yes, we will do a constellation on a societal issue in this workshop.
9. The future of systemic work‘
‘Potential’ was another topic he chewed on for a couple of years. This raises immediately also the question: what’s the potential of systemic work? After having worked in over 30 different countries, written 7 books, designed 10 or more different training programs, and organized 11 congresses, you might expect that he will have thoughts about this topic. Does he? Let’s wait and see………

Warm regards

Dees van de Hoef and Lotte Kouprie.

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